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Pagely Coupon Code Promo Code: Save $200 on WordPress hosting!

​Pagely is a Managed WordPress Hosting Service Provider, which prides itself in being both an industry trend setter and leader. Pagely was founded in 2006, re-launched in 2009, and now currently claims to be “the largest and most trusted Managed WordPress Web hosting provider” on the web. Promo Code

Save up to $200 on Pagely hosting credits!

Credits are just like Cash. 1 credit = $1. You may purchase credits at anytime to act as an advance payment for services, so paying up-front can save you a bunch of cash. They will attempt to pay each invoice with credits before using your normal billing method.

Bonus credits = Free service!
$100 earns a 10% bonus = 110 Credits
$250 earns a 12% bonus = 280 Credits
$500 earns a 15% bonus = 575 Credits
$750 earns a 17% bonus = 877.50 Credits
$1000 earns a 20% bonus = 1200 Credits

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Pagely WordPress Hosting Review

​Presently, Pagely is offering its Personal plan for $24.00/mo. This plan is catered toward small business owners and bloggers alike, and its features include:

  • ​25k/mo visitors – Which means that your small business can partake in potentially 25k ​transactions per month, or a little over 1k a day.
  • ​10GB Bandwidth – Which of course allows for the abovementioned 25k visitors/mo but ​also means that if you receive any visitors less (which, realistically, you will) those ​visitors can interact heavily with the content of your site.
  • ​5GB Storage – Plenty of space for even the most comprehensive of small business web ​sites.
  • ​Enterprise DNS – Powered by Pagely’s powerful Dyn.
  • ​Automatic Upgrades – Including WordPress Core and Plugin Upgrades, which, when ​automated, will mean that you’ll get to spend more time focusing on the profit producing ​aspects of your website.
  • ​Pagely’s WordPress Secured PressArmor – A security system designed to keep your ​website and its potentially sensitive financial content safe and secure.
  • ​Nightly Backups – With fully managed, 14-day retention, to prevent the loss of ​everything you’ve worked for.

​In addition to the features outlined above, it should also be noted that Pagely does not require users to sign any long term contracts and allows them to cancel service at any time. All in all, such features combined with a no-strings attached contractual policy definitely make at least worth a try!

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